Parrot Head Of The Year

The ‘Parrot Head Of The Year’ is our local club’s special recognition of our PHoPS’ members who have gone over and above the call of parrot head duty for the betterment of our club, the charities we support, and the parrot head nation.

PHoPS  Parrot Head Of The Year  (PHOTY)


Congratulations Peggy Greenwood !!!
The PHoPS Parrot Head Of The Year for 2018 !!!

Past Recipients

2019 ~ to be decided at the end of the year

2018 ~ Peggy Greenwood

2017 ~ Mike & Elaine Thould

2016 ~ Carol Olson

2015 ~ Tom and Marcie Kretzler

2014 ~Pierangela Davisson

2013 ~ Alicia Smith & Kim Burris

2012 ~ James Clark

2011 ~ Gordy Bryan & Karen Walter

2010 ~ George Margetan

2009 ~ Larry & Karen Franckowiak

2008 ~ Phil & Kathy Pompeo

PHoTY 2014
Parrot Head of The Year

More information will be added as it becomes available.


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